Toni Ryder, MD of Elitonia, explains the concept behind the Gin Maid photoshoot - ‘I was inspired to mix flowers and Steampunk by seeing the copper Gin Stills at the Cotswolds Distillery. 

‘The rich colours of the stills, the complementary flowers we used and our model Ash's beautiful red hair, all combine to emphasise the exceptional quality of our respective offerings and products’.


Photography by  Chris Boulton, Cotswold-based Advertising and Editorial Photographer.

Behind the Scenes

This photo shoot was done in the perfect location deep in the heart of the Cotswolds - The Cotswolds Distillery.  Our Model, Ash, was great and even climbed up on the Whiskey barrels for the shoot.  The entire team pulled together to do a multiple room shoot at the distillery in both the whiskey warehouse and the gin distillery. 

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