About Elitonia

Elitonia is a company that goes beyond the norm when it comes to floristry – the only limit to the type of floral creations that can be provided is your own imagination.   When you need to create that perfect ambience for your event, photo shoot or wedding, or when you need to have the perfect design to show off your beautiful home, yacht or hotel, we are there for you.


Our clients have come to expect and rely on our expert knowledge and experience.

In fact,  our entire team has been built with this in mind and we work together to ensure that every aspect of your requirements are delivered to exacting standards.

At the head of the team is Toni Ryder, our Managing Director, who has more than 30-years experience in delivering high-end projects and events and knows how to deliver to the precise standards that are required from our clients. 


At the head of the Floristry team is Ann Paisley, our Master Florist, who has more than 30-years experience in creating amazing designs and has previously been the florist on the QE2.  She is uniquely qualified to bring the sophistication and creativity that our clients have come to expect from us.  

We operate a confidential service that all our clients demand. Your details, photos, or information will not be given to any other company nor will they be shown on promotional material unless express permission is given by you in writing.  We are very happy to provide NDA and Confidentiality agreements to any client.